Bless'ED PIXEL Client Questionnaire
In providing you a free quote, let us capture your vision and values so we can help you craft your custom web site.
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Your answers will help us build a great brand for you. It will also serve as a website planner to walk us through the process of articulating your needs..

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About Your Business

Enter your website URL (ex., if you have one?

A “call to action” provides direction to your site visitors.  What do you want the site visitor to do when they land on your home page??

Do you want people to Call? Buy? Register? Subscribe? Donate? Browse your Portfolio/services?.
Who are your main competitors?

If they have websites, include their URLs.
Design Elements

When you look at the design of websites in general, not just your competition…
List websites that show colour combinations that you like:

List websites that have a look and feel that appeals to you: *

Please list any design choices you don’t want included:

(e.g.; Dark background, drop-down menus, etc.) Feel free to included link(s) to such site(s) and detailing the elements you dislike .
About your Target Audience

{{answer_jRugNadtwZOE}}, what is the key message you want to communicate about your business/organization? This is known as an elevator pitch / slogan?

Who is your ideal client/ target market/ message intended for? *

If you were your own ideal client, what would you be looking for when landing on your website?

About This Project

The following questions are to help us get a sense of  where you would like to go.

Do you currently have web hosting? *

If not, would you like hosting through Bless’ED PIXEL??

When does the project need to be completed? (Please enter date) *

What is your budget range for this project, {{answer_jRugNadtwZOE}}? *

Which services are you most interested in? *

What purpose is your website to serve? ? *

Do you already have a logo & organization/company colours?

Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – i.e. ranking well in Google - an important objective for your website project?

Please list any features you would like.

(e.g.: blog, shopping cart, PayPal buttons, event calendar, etc.)

Is the content already created for this site? *

Do you have photos, graphics, artwork?

About You

{{answer_jRugNadtwZOE}}, what is your last name? *

Could we grab your phone number?

Include your area code. Please exclude any symbols and spaces.
Do you have extra information, comments or requests you would like us to consider? *

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